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Andy Gunn Private Autograph Signing

Andy Gunn Private Autograph Signing

Magpie Toys are proud to announce a unique private signing opportunity with Andy Gunn.

A first time experience, Magpie will be flying over to New Zealand and sitting down with each guest on this once in a lifetime tour of the country so many iconic LotR scenes were filmed in.

Select from a wide variety of guests, each willing to ensure your item is signed to the highest quality.

We are able to offer send ins from Funko Pops to 8x10s, posters & statues - please feel free to reach out with any niche enquiries.

(Please note posters and statues do carry a small up-charge based solely on shipping and licensing.)

If you are sending in an item please ensure the following:

- a printed or written copy of your order confirmation is included

- clear labelling for where you would like Andy to sign

- any additional requests such as character names & pen colour (please note whilst we will always aim to fulfill your request, they are not guaranteed due to the nature of a private signing.)


Our experts will always use the highest quality oiled based paint pens and markers that compliment your item, ensuring a clean finish.


If you would like ACOA certification please follow this link to purchase:



Send in address:


Magpie Toys RE Andy Gunn

Unit 1, Greenham Park