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Michael Biehn Autograph Signing

Michael Biehn Autograph Signing

Magpie Toys are proud to offer autograph send ins for Michael Biehn

We will be attending Wales Comic Con in August where your item would be signed.

The price includes:

- Ticket for signing & booking fee

- Consignment fee

When packing your item for send in:

Step 1: Place an order.

Step 2: Print a copy of your receipt to include with your send in package.

Step 3: Label your items accordingly, don’t forget things like pen colour and placement!

Step 4: Securely package your labeled items and sales receipt and mail to the following address:

Magpie Toys

Unit 1 Greenham Park




- We cannot promise quotes / personalisation but will always try if the talent is willing - feel free to add and extras you would like us to try to get!

- ACOA verification is available for £15.00 per item

- Picture proof is not guaranteed for your item based on the talents’ handler, but will always be attempted